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Welcome to Virtual Hangout!

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Virtual Hangout has officially launched and I would like to welcome you to the forums! This forum will be a fun place for everyone and it will almost be like family! We just have a few rules to keep this forum a family friendly place and here they are:

1. RESPECT EVERYONE - You don't have to agree on a certain subject with people but instead of trash talking them, please construct saavy conservations.

2. LANGUAGE - Please keep your language to a PG level.

3. NO PORNOGRAPHY -  Anyone caught posting inappropriate images or links to inappropriate sites will be deleted and banned immediately. This is a family friendly forum so let's keep it that way.

4. NO PM ADVERTISING - Anyone caught sending links in a private message to advertise their website/forum will be banned immediately. You may have a link in your signature if you contribute positively by staying on topic in threads and if your website/forum is not inappropriate. If you would like to become affiliates, please send GuitarGuy a private message.

5. HAVE FUN!  Most importantly we want this place to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Please do your part and help make Virtual Hangout the best place as possible!

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