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  1. I gotta see this And good news I got to see it twice if I do live till 2034, be like over 50 or more by then hahaha DAMNNNNNN
  2. I hear allot of people say about the iPhone and I do agree that they are very good with cool and allot of apps, however I will go with the Android as it does the same amount with even more apps and it's far cheaper
  3. Well, depends. I don't go to sleep till late. 3am! Last night was 1am. And I get up like 11am and today was like 10.30am, So it's between 7 and 8 hours a day and if I'm not well then longer
  4. I do hear what I need to hear but half the time I don't understand the god damn system that they have and it's over the top. I hear what I need to hear
  5. Just has an nice pack of doritos tonight as I played BF2
  6. Let me guess from IPSfocus? That's cool, can't wait
  7. Hello guys and I'm the new guy on this new website that I see I'm empire just saying hello And known to be empire Anyway say hello back