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  1. it was one of those games where, whoever has the ball last....wins. It was a great game. Even better since I don't like the Cowboys.
  2. Where The Wild Things Are. I read a lot of books when I was a kid, but that book I remember the most vividly. There was a combination of fear and excitement whenever I picked it up.
  3. I seriously doubt that a laser beam from a typical pointer like that will go that far. Even if it did, you would have to calculate the speed of light against how far the moon is from your point on the earth.
  4. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten from someone in your life? I'm not talking about from a T.V. show., movie or on the internet, but from someone you knew personally.
  5. Finding good sites for kids that age is pretty hard. Sad to say, bit if there isn't a lot of money to be made from an online niche, which is what education for a 6 year old boils down to, then it will be hard to find.
  6. Same here. If someone wants to post fake news that isn't local, I'm not going to care because it isn't local. It doesn't directly affect my life. Ever notice how all this fake news that's being talked's never a local news story?
  7. And here's to the Packers beating the Cowboys. I'm always a Packers fan by default when my team doesn't make it this far. That, and I don't like the Cowboys.
  8. Well, I guess speed does make sense. I always thought of performance enhancing drugs as drugs that enhance physical performance, not mental. Thanks for dragging me out from under my rock on this one. I never would have known any this in my old-fashioned state of mind.
  9. Update.......I'm somewhat of a happy camper. The Raiders and down to their 3rd string quarterback, (for those not in the know, this means a player that was basically pulled out of the practice squad) so their chances of going to the Super Bowl are slim to none. But the Bronco's are effectively out of that running too, so..... Time to root for The Packers.
  10. What? Anti-doping? What on earth could a chess player possibly take to make his or her performance in an activity like this better? That just boggles my mind. But, like you, I'm not a chess fanatic so I wouldn't know these things. I can understand that people are very passionate about this game, and passion leads to the serious nature of things. Now that I know about this, it might be interesting to actually watch a tournament. I do play once in a great while and I do like chess, but this takes it to a level I'm not used to.
  11. We all know what Skype is, and some of us have phones where we can do visual calling. Two people seeing each other over the phone while they're talking to each other. But does anyone here practice e-mail video's? This is geared towards e-mail marketers, but anyone can do it.
  12. I'm very familiar with the concept. There are thousands of people peddling that self-help concept through books, tapes and television shows. I haven't found one yet that rings true for me personally though.
  13. I play chess with my daughter periodically, but I don't consider it a sport. I can't see a gallery of people sitting around watching two people compete for a prize while playing chess. "Rook to Bishop 7" and the crowd cheers. Sorry, I just can't see that.
  14. I never knew my dad, so mom was the one who influenced my eating and cooking habits. We grew up poor so I still eat like I am. I'm doing good now, but some old habits die hard.
  15. Macaroni and cheese with hamburger mixed in. You fix the two separately, and when they're done, mix them in together. It's a cheap, easy, healthy meal and it was easy to teach my daughter this.