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  1. Yesterday I tried making tuna aglio olio spaghetti, but I think I put too much tuna. The seasoning worked well with the spaghetti, but the tuna was too bland. I had tried mac and cheese before with ready-made ingredients. It's strange how a simple dish can make you so happy!
  2. I had to search what incremental games are about, but now I know. Yes, these games are addicting to me, because you can set up tasks or things to do and leave them alone for work. You can play again once you have more free time. It's not as time consuming as other games in small doses.
  3. 'Mind sport' is actually a term I picked up from Wikipedia. That's how chess and the rest are categorized. Japan even has a card game named karuta which can be played in tournaments and is considered a sport. I suppose they need good physical condition to keep the brain working, thus the doping.
  4. I think it would be interesting to collect books on fairy tales or bedtime stories. There are so many variations to what we used to know as kids. I don't normally like horror stories, but I'll take gloomy editions of those fairy tales gladly.
  5. I must be living in a different age because I have no idea how this works. If it means we record a video of ourselves talking and send it via e-mail, then I'm sure I won't do it. It requires too much time and effort. I'm also 100% sure my parents won't do it because they can barely use e-mails properly.
  6. I really love to eat, so making changes in my diet is very challenging. I'm more open to the idea of exercises to burn everything I eat (and more), so I will be able to keep it balanced. I know it's different for each person, so you need to find your own style.
  7. Sport is no longer limited to physical activities. Nowadays, chess and bridge are acknowledged internationally as 'mind sports'. Such unique term. I can't really consider them as sports even until today. Do you play any of this mind sport?
  8. I'm not really the type to binge watching dramas or movies because I can't just stay still all those hours watching one thing. Unless I really have nothing to do, I only watch 2-3 episodes at most in one day. It's not good to stare at your TV that long!
  9. My old gym was a small one near my lodging house. Despite the cheap cost, at least it had treadmill machines which I used a lot. I'm not confident going to larger ones due to the amount of tools and trainers (and members) swarming around.
  10. Is auto tune simply limited to making the singer's notes always accurate? Some of the singers I would follow for life have proven themselves to be amazing in live concert without any supportive tool. I suppose there are times when such tool must be used, so I'm trying to understand.
  11. I think I've just found the fun and joy in cooking. After learning how to make simple ones like fried rice and fried noodles, I'm planning to try playing with pasta soon. What would you recommend to a newbie like me? What are your favorite pasta dishes?
  12. I probably would. Given how busy (and lazy) I would be with work, I was thinking to get a maid to help clean the house. A robot sounds like a good alternative, as long as it can clean as good as humans!
  13. That's not a bad start, Trick Shot. My resolutions tend to fall through months after I make them. So this year, I think I want to be more specific with my dreams. I try to plan everything ahead carefully and set realistic schedules. I'll count that as a resolution, yes.
  14. The anthologies I've read so far are all by different authors. I can pick up some interesting names to check in the future, which greatly expands my knowledge. I'm planning to buy a book of quotes by one local author I really like whom I found from the anthology book.
  15. Have you ever considered this type of book for your taste? It can be a poem anthology or short story anthology. I'm kind of inspired to try one because it looks unique. It's as if there is a special thing for everyday in life, if that makes any sense.