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  1. I wonder what Jays fans think of their big super star Edwin Encarnacion signing with Cleveland. This happened a few days ago.
  2. Being stranded on an island they would probably come up with their own language and laws.
  3. Here in Canada pretty much no one owns a gun
  4. Mini Pizzas are really easy to make. Get a slice of bread or a roll. Put some cheese on it with hot dogs and tomato sauce. Put it in the oven for a few minutes and they are done.
  5. Do wooden cutting boards get more dirtier than plastic cutting boards?
  6. Smashing it first with a knife does the trick.
  7. Hey

    Hey whats up everyone? I like pizza.
  8. Chess also takes too long to play.
  9. Plus drummers need to know how to read music too.
  10. I have not watched this show.
  11. I had waffles and eggs.
  12. I cant say I know of any. My desserts are probably really high carbs.
  13. It is good to be different I always say.
  14. Tim Allen is mine.
  15. Hell no I would not want to do that.
  16. I want to climb Mount Everest. That would be amazing to do.
  17. I would get grounded all the time. Mostly when I got in trouble at school.
  18. Nope we don't get snow in the winter.
  19. How does it start ao fast at the beginning? Do you have any ideas why they started the game that way?
  20. For me it's soccer.
  21. Windows all the way. It is much easier to use.
  22. That is a good way to do it. Only buying music on itunes if its not in stores. There are a lot of music out there that is hard to find in stores theae days.
  23. I hardly drink water. I should be drinking more water often.
  24. Walmart has very affordable prices.
  25. He was a man who loved pizza.