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  1. Being stranded on an island they would probably come up with their own language and laws.
  2. Here in Canada pretty much no one owns a gun
  3. Mini Pizzas are really easy to make. Get a slice of bread or a roll. Put some cheese on it with hot dogs and tomato sauce. Put it in the oven for a few minutes and they are done.
  4. Do wooden cutting boards get more dirtier than plastic cutting boards?
  5. Smashing it first with a knife does the trick.
  6. Chess also takes too long to play.
  7. Plus drummers need to know how to read music too.
  8. I have not watched this show.
  9. I had waffles and eggs.
  10. I cant say I know of any. My desserts are probably really high carbs.
  11. It is good to be different I always say.
  12. Tim Allen is mine.
  13. Hell no I would not want to do that.
  14. I want to climb Mount Everest. That would be amazing to do.
  15. I would get grounded all the time. Mostly when I got in trouble at school.