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  1. I caved and went ahead and reactivated the phone on Boost Mobile. As I expected it has no service at all when I am home. However, the service is decent when I am closer to town. I may check with some local electronic shops to see if it can be unlocked. If this can't be done, I may sell the phone and try to get another that is activated on AT&T instead.
  2. I have the habit of DVRing my favorite reality shows and watching them for hours all in one day to get caught up. Among my favorites are Hoarders, Sister Wives, Nightwatch and Intervention. Once I get started watching them, I simply cannot do anything else until I have all the recorded episodes watched and deleted so I can start all over again.
  3. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this Vinnie. My husband has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 15 years now and he has had both knees and both elbows replaced. Now, his left ankle gives him fits and swells and turns outward on him terribly if he stands or drives for only an hour or so. He may have to get it replaced as well. There may be some lifting machines in your local gym that allow you to work out while sitting. These help build strength in the legs and can help tone muscles without putting pressure on your ankles. I agree that a personal trainer would be the best option to find out for sure which exercises would be best for you.
  4. Red, red, red. I have loved the color red all my life. My kitchen is done in red apples. I have a red microwave, a red dish drainer, a red apple clock and a red paper towel holder. We also have a red tin roof and red shutters. I just can't get enough red.
  5. My husband and children often tease me about being a collector of dogs! LOL I am a dog lover through and through and my 3 little Chihuahuas are my babies. As for actual collecting, I have never been much into collecting anything myself, but my husband is definitely a collector of Star Wars memorabilia. He loves all things Star Wars. He even had a can of R2D2 chicken noodle soup and he dares any of us to eat it.
  6. I wondered about that too, but maybe he has some other plan that will actually work out better. He did not go into great detail about it, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  7. I totally agree with you, Vinnie. I absolutely hate driving in snow and I will avoid it if at all possible. I think there would be fewer accidents if those who did not have to drive in the snow just stayed home.
  8. I am not a big console gamer now, but over the years my kids have had a wide variety of different game consoles. There have been certain games they had that I did enjoy playing with them. I loved playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Sega Genesis and I also loved playing Wii Sports Bowling on the Wii. So, I guess those two would be my favorite consoles.
  9. Even though I am a diabetic, I have always had more of a weakness for salty foods, pasta and fried foods instead of sweets. In fact, I think I could live without desserts and other sweets for good and it would not bother me that much. Could you give up sweets forever?
  10. Sorry, I hadn't replied. I just now saw the comments. He just mainly spoke about his plans for when he comes into office. One thing that stuck out in my mind is that he does plan on building a wall like he said he would. But, it most likely will be a partial wall and there will be stipulations that go along with it.
  11. I have a really nice cell phone my daughter traded me for another phone that is locked on Boost Mobile. Unfortunately, Boost Mobile does not get good service in my area where I live out in the country. There is another carrier I know of that I can get good service here at home with. I called Boost Mobile and they will only unlock the phone if it had service for a year straight with no interruptions. Of course, this phone has not because my daughter changes prepaid cell phones like she changes socks. Is there any way I can get this phone unlocked so I can have it on a carrier that will actually work for me from home?
  12. I make an Italian pasta dish called Cavitini fairly often because my family just loves it. It is easy to make and we normally get two meals out of it because I make a large baking dish of it.
  13. I probably drink at least 6 cans a day myself. If I happen to run to town, I will also pick up a 20 oz. and drink that too. It's just a good think I have never liked the taste of alcohol like I do diet soda.
  14. I have been a smoker for way too long. I am now trying to cut back and gradually quit smoking by using the Vuse ecig instead. I like it okay so far and especially enjoy the berry flavor. Have any of you ever used these and were you able to give up smoking?
  15. I only got to our Walmart every once in a while. It is a bit of a drive to get there, so I normally shop closer to home. However, I do love Walmart for all the great items they have and their awesome prices. I did quite a bit of my Christmas shopping online at Walmart.com and it was so much easier than fighting the crowds.