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  1. Depends really. Cold days when the hot water is like heaven I can spend around 20 minutes but usually I will only spend a maximum of 10 mins
  2. I don't think donating to charities is good to be honest. I mean I like to donate food items, presents, clothes occasionally but I will hold back donating money. I feel like the money never goes to the people. They always end up being used to buy nice cars for the CEOs.
  3. I prefer winter to be honest but only when there is some snow atleast. I like summer too but I feel like winter is a lot better because it means christmas is close and that just lifts your spirits up
  4. I use to go on Omegle a while ago but I stopped to be honest. It got boring especially having to skip so many times because the other person was either a bot or some weird person with his male parts out
  5. Hello everyone, Kingcool52 here and I am 17 years old. I live in London, United Kingdom. I spend most of my time on the internet, gaming or catching up on my favourite shows (currently Walking Dead, Suits & Lucifer). I hope to get to know you guys soon