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  1. i use to love checkers as a kid. Unfortunately, never learn to pla ychess
  2. hell yea. I need a desktop in order to run heavy games
  3. shh keep it on the downlow
  4. Monster mini bands for the way to go. When traveling you shouldnt be looking to make gains but stimulating the muscle so it can be maintaining
  5. I cant tell you how important it is for NATURAL lifters to put emphasis on progressive overload when training for size. For natural lifters, muscle size and strength have a direct correlation, that is why you never see a extremely jacked guy only benching 135lb. If you bench 135lb 3x12 for 3 years i can guarantee you that your chest will not get bigger because not form of pregressive overload is taken place . The more weight that is on the barbell the more muscle you will have overtime (that is if you have the appropriate amount of volume). For natural lifter, frequency is king to making gains thats why fullbody and lower/upper rotuines is most superior