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  1. I believe I have Risk game in my home. I have to check. I never heard of Settlers of Catan. I may check it out. Thank you.
  2. I believe they annexed it because Crimea is strategically important. I hope that Putin will not annex more territories, as it can really make things worse.
  3. Unfortunately, there are certain elite people who want conflicts to happen. The reason is, they make profits from wars. To them, war is a good thing and they don't care if innocents die.
  4. This entire Syrian conflict is getting out of hand and something's need to be done. Innocents are dying and refugee crisis is causing great problems for many countries. I believe that there's no real military solution in Syria. All parties involved in Syria need to have a dialogue and finish this conflict for the sake of humanity. Thoughts?
  5. Of course. Desktop computer should be more powerful than laptop, because it has more space. But, I believe that desktop computer will go extinct in about 100 years. We should have better alternatives by then.
  6. I love various board games. I love chess, checkers, Monopoly, and ludo (just to name a few). What about you?
  7. I believe that donating to charities is a good idea, although we have to donate to the right charities. Some charities probably do frauds; we have to be careful. Do you donate to charities? What kind of cause do you support?
  8. I play video games on Xbox, which means I no longer need a desktop computer to play games. I am done with PC games.
  9. I am guessing that most of the people here don't love communism. Every time we hear the word "communism", most of us think that it is evil. I am also someone who don't really support communism. However, I also don't support capitalism. Both have lots of disadvantages in my opinion. In communism, everyone will have a job and everyone will have food/shelter. It sounds really great on paper. However, it gives too much power to the authority and that can be dangerous. It also rewards lazy people (which is unfair to hardworking people). In capitalism, poor gets poorer and rich gets richer. Income inequality is a great problem in capitalism. I prefer a system that is a hybrid of communism and capitalism. I believe that we can remove poverty worldwide if we ditch capitalism and communism and focus on another alternative. Thoughts?
  10. I visit chat rooms once in a while. Even though chat rooms are often filled with crazy people, I tend to have a great time. I made many great friends in various chat rooms. Do you visit chat rooms?
  11. Do you support Russian aggression in Ukraine? Personally I think that Vladimir Putin is a great leader and I don't have a problem with Russian foreign policy. However, I feel that Mr. Putin was wrong in annexing territory which belonged to Ukraine. I believe that Putin should give Crimea back to Ukraine. What do you think?
  12. I don't believe that credit cards are necessarily bad, but you have to be very careful with these. It can be tempting to use your credit card to buy things you don't really need. Do you have a credit card? How many do you have? Do you prefer to live on credit?
  13. Absolutely. Everyone has the free will to believe whatever he/she wants to believe. I never judge anybody.
  14. Lately, United States and Russia have been having a lot of tensions. Russia has been intimidating US allies and USA has been increasing military resources near Russian border. I hope that we will not have a world war, because it will probably be catastrophic. I hope that sanity will prevail and world powers will not do something stupid. Thoughts?
  15. I currently have two laptops - one is Acer and one is Toshiba. I am very happy with both laptops, although I prefer Acer better. What is your favourite laptop brand?