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  1. At the moment, my favourite genre is pop music (popular music). I listen to this genre on a regular basis and I love listening to it. Most of the songs have a great tune and beat to them; pop music is great!
  2. My favourite laptop brand is Lenovo. I have had my Laptop for a long time now and the time that I have had my Laptop it has been great. My Laptop was originally on Windows 8 but I updated it to Windows 10 for free. I haven't had any problems with the Laptop and I would recommend Lenovo to people who are looking to buy a laptop.
  3. Thank you! Late Happy Halloween to you and the rest of Virtual Hangout!
  4. My favourite sport is Sea Fishing at the moment. Some people wouldn't classify fishing as a sport but I would argue that matter and say it is. I tend to go Sea Fishing in the Summer; when the weather is nice and warm. I really enjoy fishing I find it relaxing as a sport.
  5. I currently use a Xbox 360 and I should consider upgrading it to the latest version but at the moment is is absolutely fine and it is still working. When my console stops working, I will upgrade it to the latest version. My console is great! I haven't had any technical problems with it and it is really fast when I use it.
  6. Hi everyone. My name is Alex and my online username is xXInfectedXx. I am new to Virtual Hangout and I look forward to posting on this forum. In my spare time, I like to post on online-forums, go sea-fishing, and do a bit of gaming. Apart from what I have said, I'll see you around on the forum!