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  1. Chat about the NFL Playoffs in here! Let's Go Seahawks!
  2. Would you allow someone to boss you around while your cooking in the kitchen? Why or why not?
  3. How often do you clean your cutting board? Do you clean it after every use? Once a day? Once every few days? I make sure I clean mine after every use. It's just easiest that way and you always have a clean cutting board after.
  4. For those of you that workout, what is your workout schedule like? Here is mine: Mondays/Thursdays - Back, Arms, Chest Tuesdays/Fridays - Legs, Shoulders, Abs I do yoga 4 times a week and I run 30 minutes a day.
  5. Soda/pop is so good but pretty unhealthy for us. That being said, how much do you drink a day? I try to have a can of coke every second day so not too much for me.
  6. What was the first job you have ever had? Mine was I was on maintenance staff at a summer camp. That was a real fun job.
  7. Happy New Years everyone! May you have a fun and safe time out there! What are your plans for New Years?
  8. What kind of fireplace do you have? What one do you prefer? A natural fireplace with wood or a gas fire place? We have a gas fireplace but I would rather have a fire place where you have to use wood and light the wood yourself. Hearing the cracking sound of the fire that way just makes it way better.
  9. Do you live close to the mountains? Have you ever wanted to? I live about a 45 minute drive to the mountains. I can see them from my city. I go up to the mountains a lot as it's very fun out there.
  10. Do you prefer working the night shift or day shift and why?
  11. Do you like to keep your room clean or messy? It depends on the week for me. Most weeks I'm really clean but some weeks I just like to be lazy and have a messy room
  12. Are you allergic to anything? What are you allergic too? Thankfully I'm not allergic to anything.
  13. Do you lock your doors or leave them unlocked? I know some people who never locks their doors. I don't know why they don't lock their door. The only time I leave my door unlocked is when I forget to do so and that is not very often. I usually always lock my doors.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas with your family and friends! Tell us all about it right here!
  15. How much sleep do you get each night? I usually only get 4 - 6 hours of sleep each night. I'm a light sleeper
  16. What planet would you go to and why? I would go to Pluto to see if Pluto actually lives there
  17. I am a day early but Happy Halloween everyone! What are your Halloween plans? Are you going trick or treating? Handing out candy? Did you go to any parties this weekend? What are you dressing up as if you are? I am wrapping myself up in toilet paper Have a great Halloween! Have fun and be safe!
  18. You were right about it being really close but it was Green Bay that ended up winning by a field goal.
  19. That would bother me too. Especially if they think they know it all in the kitchen and they don't even know you. It would not be cool.
  20. Step it up a notch for sure but remember it's always best to be careful. You want your body to grow healthy in a natural way and not too fast.
  21. Yes I enjoy my gym because it's quite small and not many people use it at a time. The busiest it's been is probably about 20 people at once but most of the time there is only about 7 people .
  22. Do you go to the gym? What is your gym like? There is literally a gym that is a 5 minute drive away from my house so I go there. The membership cost isn't too bad. It's $60 a month and it has everything in there that you need for the workouts. I love the cardio machines because they all have personalized individual TV's on them. I usually watch sports when I'm on the cardio machines.
  23. Tomb Raider. That was a great game.
  24. That would have been the year 2006. Do you remember playing video games back then? What were the games that you were playing that year? I was mostly playing the sports video games by EA Sports.
  25. My Seahawks lost to the Falcons. Noooooooooooo. They had so many penalties that they took. No wonder they lost the game.