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  2. Tomorrow is the big game!
  3. I have my own way of cooking, adding spices, etc.... and I don't like it when someone puts their two cents in. I'll take advice with a grain of salt as it were, but don't tell me how to cook. If I don't tell you how to eat, don't tell me how to cook
  4. Feeling it? I only cook when I'm feeling hungry and it always tastes good when I'm done on the stove. So I guess I'm always "feeling it".
  5. Well, as of 12pm EST U.S., it became official. Trump was sworn in as President of the United States of America. While the ceremony itself was a snoozer, for me at least, everything else afterwards was kind of interesting to watch. There are a lot of traditions that come with this "changing of the guard" that I didn't know about. Like the new president and first lady walking the outgoing president and his wife to the Marine One helicopter to take one last pass over the skies of D.C. They were the only "bird" in the sky. Did any of you watch any of it?
  6. it was one of those games where, whoever has the ball last....wins. It was a great game. Even better since I don't like the Cowboys.
  7. Where The Wild Things Are. I read a lot of books when I was a kid, but that book I remember the most vividly. There was a combination of fear and excitement whenever I picked it up.
  8. I am not sure. It would be best to ask a professional that question as they would know better than I would.
  9. Hey guys! Can anyone here share their favorite workout for inner thighs? This is an area that I really want to tone, but I can't find any advice on that. Thanks!
  10. So how do you actually know if you were in trance mode or not? How do you get there? Isn't that the ultimate goal for meditation at the end of the day?
  11. I think the best piece of advise I have ever gotten from a true friend of mine is to get off antidepressants and to start meditating. It's been 8 months now and I haven't popped a pill ever since. I'm so glad I listened to him.
  12. I seriously doubt that a laser beam from a typical pointer like that will go that far. Even if it did, you would have to calculate the speed of light against how far the moon is from your point on the earth.
  13. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten from someone in your life? I'm not talking about from a T.V. show., movie or on the internet, but from someone you knew personally.
  14. Yup and when I do, that is when I usually don't eat.
  15. If I pointed a typical laser pointer at the moon, would the beam reach the moon? And if so, how long would it take before I saw the dot with a telescope?
  16. I always cook with love and it always turns out great. But sometimes, when I'm not feeling it, it just doesn't taste as good no matter what I try to do to fix it. Does anyone else feel this way?
  17. I use a silicone chopping board. I used to use wooden ones, but since I switched to silicone, there is no going back for me
  18. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, I'm certainly not going to cheer them on, but I go there when I need to. If they closed all their doors, life would go on. I'd probably do more shopping online.
  19. I don't mind pink.
  20. Guess what GuitarGuy! I went to the gym today and, for the first time ever, I went to a spinning class. I was so exhausted afterwards, but I feel so awesome now
  21. I collect a lot of postcards. Every city that I go to I always get a post card to help me remember that place.
  22. Yup you definitely fallen asleep. I have fallen asleep too while medidating or doing yoga. It's very relaxing.
  23. I have had an experience like this in the past with one of my ex boyfriends who was insisting that I had to put cream in my carbonara sauce. Needless to say that he kind of drove me up the wall because he just wouldn't understand that the original recipe does NOT have cream... No comments
  24. I probably have soda about 3 times a week.
  25. I usually shop there for my Entertainment needs. Sometimes I get food there too but mostly for entertainment.
  26. I am one of those idiots that love to drive in the snow
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